Ryan Sepulveda

Ryan Sepulveda

Fitness Expert - Head Trainer


Hello my name is Ryan Sepulveda , before I go into fitness allow me to tell you a little bit about myself . I have two beautiful daughters and a little boy. My wife is in the army and she most definitely makes up my better 3/4. I am a very spiritual person and I love working with and helping others. I am full of energy and positivity. I believe in everybody and I take joy in bringing out the best in everybody I see on the gym floor. I show people what they can do with proper nutrition, flexibility, and weight training. I started my career in 2005 at 24 hour fitness and while with the company trained over 2000 sessions I branched out on my own in 2008 and have been doing group training and one on ones ever since. I love what I do and I aim to show it through my work. I will help you in your journey to your fitness and healthy lifestyle goal. I am excited to have you part of the Team. Join the Team!

GroupFit - Training


GroupFit is our Group Training Sessions. Although there is a group of 15-20 people, your excercises are specific to your level and your fitness goals. It is not a BootCamp or a Class, rather it is a time in which a workout has been setup for your personal fitness level and fitness goals. Each person will be directed on what excercises to perform, quantity of reps, and how to perform a quality set. We believe each person has differnt needs and different strengths. We also tailor the workout to minimize any types of past injuries or health concerns. As always we recommend you consult your doctor before joining GroupFit.


SoloFit - Training


SoloFit is our one on one personal training sessions. This is a dedicaed time for you to gain the absolute most directed and specfically tailored training to meet your needs and goals. This helps you meet you fitness goals and get more direction on sustaining your new lifestyle. SoloFit gets Results!

FutureFits - Training


FutureFits is a training that is geared to our younger age group. We offer them a creative approach to fitness and helath. We believe it is critical to involve them into the fitness realm as early as possible, so they can create healthy habits and a fit lifestyle. We also perform Sports Specific Camps throughout the year and Summer Workout Camps for our FutureFits. Help us create a healty future and way of life for these kids.









As you can see in this GroupFit picture, you have 4 members working on 4 differnt excercises tailored to thier needs. Everyone works alone but supports each other throught the sessions. It is truly a Family Fitness Feel.

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